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by Chloé Hay

For the past year and a half, I’ve been moving from France to the United Kingdom, to France again, to Switzerland... and who knows where next! Now, believe me, living out of a suitcase when your inner self is a makeup enthusiastic is hard. The amount of palettes, brushes, lipsticks and all kind of creams I own is insane and would probably fill an entire suitcase. But since I also need clothes, decoration, and other stuff, I’ve had to learn how to prioritize and (even though it’s heartbreaking) to leave some products behind.


So today I present to you: my absolut 10 essentials !


Ladies, gentlemen and everyone else, you need a lip balm in your life and there is no discussion about it. I own several good ones, from Garnier to L’Occitane.


In my young days, I used to pluck and style my eyebrows every day, but for the past two years now I’ve let them live their life. The only thing I need to do in order to avoid the mess is to brush them. Believe me, I’ve made this mistake once and learned the hard way to bring my brow brush everywhere.


This one does not need introduction anymore, it’s old, it’s perfect, it’s famous, I will never get over it. I actually buy an extra one before I even run out of it, just to be sure I always have it. I’ve tried so many other mascaras, and even though some were good, there seems to be a beauty force driving me back to it everytime.


I just love blush. Isn’t it crazy how just a bit of powder makes you look so fresh and good? I own several blushes that I use according to the type of makeup I want. I wouldn’t recommend one, in particular, just try them on and figure out what goes best with your skin tone.


Does a lipstick which actually stays put day and night, doesn’t transfer and doesn’t even drying your lips sound like a dream?! Well it’s not! These lipstick are absolut BOMB, i couldn’t live without them. True story: I once went to bed with it (don’t judge me there was a lot of alcohol that night), and it had not moved a bit when I woke up – not even a single stain on my bed sheets. That’s when I fell in love with them.


Summer or winter, I cannot live without hand cream. The Yves Rocher ones are my favorite because, besides the great range of divine smells, which implies the presence of alcohol, etc. additives, it’s not attacking my sensitive hands. They are among the most nourishing creams I own.


Washing my face, morning and night is probably the most important step of my skincare and makeup routine. La Roche Posey helped me during my acne period, I really recommend it for minor to medium problems.


I remember this day, my hair was slowly dying, my curls were long gone, and this Lush employee showed up in front of me and saved my hair. This shampoo is exceptional, I will love it forever. It revived my hair when I thought the only solution was shaving my head


Concealer does wonder. So easy to cover a little pimple or redness. The Tarte one has very good coverage but doesn’t appear to be plastered on the skin. 100% approved.


I love doing my nails, it’s one of my favorite things about beauty. I started nail art really early (I’ve stopped now) and always kept a passion for it in my heart. I currently own the Sephora one, but I’ve tried a lot of brands in my life. They’re all pretty cool.

All picture credits: Pinterest