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by Paula Riesmeier

The time I spend on Instagram each day is INSANE and if it can be considered a serious illness, I’m definitely addicted. But to be honest, there’s just a no better place than Instagram to research cool and new little brands. If anyone is keen on employing and pay me to perform this very serious and ground-breaking research, I’m doing it all day every day – let

me know, I’m in. As I’m a nice person who cares about people surrounding her, let me share some of my favorite findings with you:

This little brand from Copenhagen, Denmark makes the coolest and most authentic cowboy boots ever. They are specialized in leather products, therefore they really do care about the quality of their shoes. They dropped a collaboration with Won Hundred last year and you have no idea how badly I want the Won Hundred x Lædersmeden Memphis.

Another shop from Copenhagen – we should all travel there I guess – which sells accessories. I mainly fell in love with them, because of their hair clips (BIG TREND ALERT). I love their kitschy hair accessories and I will probably order the leafy hairpin next, which will be a perfect companion for summer hairstyles.

Wow, these Danish folks seem to rock Insta right now. Another brand specialized on hair

accessories is kanel. Their online shop offers tons of hairclips and I believe in terms of hairclips the motto is – the more the better. Therefore, I would like to get at least 5 of the Nr.10, a flower-shaped hairclip.

LE:APT is a small online store for well-curated contemporary and affordable clothing brands,

which is based in Paris. They focus on easy-going all-rounders, which you will wear to death.I love their coats and jackets, especially the Oversized Herringbone Jacket, which isunfortunately out of stock right now.

One of my favorite newcomers is the French brand, Marie Gallier. You can find colliers, hair clips and bracelets in the shop. My favorite is the King Duck collier, which will be a fun piece for summer to layer with other necklaces.

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT – that’s what I felt when I discovered this brand on Instagram. Again, it’s about accessories. There are two problems I have with this super-hot new brand: 1. I want every single piece they offer, and 2. as soon as they drop new products, they are sold out.

Stylist Blanca Miro is one of the two founders of La Veste, a shop based in Paris and Barcelona specialized in clothing and accessories. All the garments are handmade in Spain. The design is very outstanding and unique and – those who know me will know – I need the Liontamer Blazer 01 in my life.

To some of you, this label might not even be news anymore. The brand, which was founded by two Spanish twin sisters in 2016, reached a super high media coverage when everybody was craving shells in summer 2017. Their earrings were seen everywhere, and yep – I got apair.

The Danish label Nord by Nord was founded by two friends of mine and you should definitely check it out. The two Danish founders try to embrace slow fashion and sustainability within their designs and managed to do so in the most beautiful way. If you’re looking for the perfect shopper you should get their “The Shoulder” model, which is not only a choice of style but also of conscious consumption.

Hope I could convince any possible future employer to offer me a job as “Official-Insta-Brand-Explorer-in-Chief” (we can discuss this job description). While I'm waiting for my career to take off, let me know about your finds so we can all shop till we drop.

Career goal: Official-Insta-Brand-Explorer-in-Chief ​
Photos courtesy of the brand's Instagram